Read and Decide- Are you an ideal candidate for Plastic surgery or not.

Read and Decide- Are you an ideal candidate for Plastic surgery or not.

To undergo plastic surgery you must be healthy, have certain expectations and be aware of the risks of the procedure. It would be difficult for you to opt for plastic surgery if you have diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, bleeding disorder, heart disease or depression. If you suffer from obesity or a habit of smoking or drinking you may not be the right candidate for plastic surgery. This does not mean you cannot undergo a plastic surgery anytime in your life but however if you are addicted or diagnosed with any of the above health issues then try to get rid of it as soon as possible.

Your surgeon may ask you to make certain lifestyle modification changes such as quit smoking for two to four weeks before surgery and not smoke for at least two to four weeks before surgery. This allows proper healing of the body from the surgery. Before your surgery, you should have counselling from the doctor regarding your daily habits like exercise, drinking and smoking and any medications or supplements you take. The consultation will help you know if surgery is the right option. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Indore will make you feel comfortable.

Reveal to the doctor about everything you consume even the daily vitamins and herbal products that don’t require a prescription. That may cause bleeding or interfere with other medications at the time of surgery.

Characteristics That Determine Cosmetic Surgery is a requisite to you-

Your skin type and other distinct characteristics determine your cosmetic surgery decision. Like skin resurfacing, techniques are good for people with fair skin and light-colored hair. Rhinoplasty works best for people with thin and delicate nasal skin.

Here is a list of various facial cosmetic surgery described for you to determine whether you are an ideal candidate.

Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation is performed in case of younger people who want fuller lips or in older people whose lips have thinned. Lip augmentation is not advisable to people who are on an acne drug or those who suffer from diseases like herpes, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or serious allergic reactions. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Indore will give proper guidance for lip augmentation.

Chin Implant

It is ideal for those who have a weak chin or if the chin is not balanced with the nose. In the case of an abnormal dental bite, chin surgery cannot be performed. You must be prepared for the risk that the implant could become infected, be rejected by your body or go to an abnormal position leading to more surgery.

Cheek Implants

 People who have a flat cheekbone or early sagging of the cheeks can go for the surgery. This surgery is not suitable for those people who have excess sagging of the skin. You must be prepared for certain risks that the implant could become infected, be rejected by your body or go to an abnormal position leading to more surgery.


It is ideal for those who have a large nose that is droopy or has a bump. You cannot go for the surgery if you have thick skin or a child. You must also accept the fact that in 15% to 20% cases further surgery is needed for best results.

Forehead/Brow Lift

If you have heavy eyebrows, deep forehead wrinkles or frown lines, you are a good candidate for the surgery. The surgery is not advisable to those if you are balding or scar easily. You may lose your hair around the surgical area and numbness in your forehead and scalp.

You are a good candidate if your face and neck have deep wrinkles, jowls and a double chin. If you are overweight or your skin is not elastic or flexible, you are not a good candidate. You may be aware of the fact that ageing may cause skin loss, scarring, numbness, partial facial paralysis or a change in hairline.

Note that these surgeries do not last forever. The natural ageing process will continue. Age also matters in cosmetic surgery. If you have a facelift in the 30s it may last only for 10 years.

In making up your mind for plastic surgery a patient should consider many factors. The motivation level of the candidate plays a great role in the case of cosmetic surgery. One should consider some critical aspects before deciding to undergo plastic surgery.

Self Confidence

Patients of cosmetic surgery must have self-confidence before the surgery. Cosmetic surgery will help to change one's appearance but it cannot change how one feels about oneself.

Schedule your cosmetic surgery

The patients must maintain certain realistic expectations going into the surgery. The patient should have open communication to avoid misunderstanding between the doctor and the patient. The doctor should be able to understand a patient's desire and translate them into feasible results. Cosmetic surgery will improve your appearance, it will not change your basic attire.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons like Dr Anurag Bhargava will educate patients on the underlying causes of their cosmetic surgery. Dr Anurag Bhargava's wise advice will help the patient make the right decision.

Right Time For Surgery

Even with the above guidelines, it can be hard to tell when to have a plastic surgery procedure because each person is different. People come to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon like Dr Anurag Bhargava in different physical and mental states and their decision may vary accordingly.

When you schedule a facial plastic surgery with the doctor you should answer certain questions that come to your mind that I am going for the surgery because I am not satisfied with my appearance or look younger or older. Am I prepared for the procedure physically or mentally? These questions will help in your self analysation of how you look and what you want and will also help you further to take a judicious decision about whether to undergo cosmetic surgery or not.

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