Cheek Augmentation

Due to aging, the tissues of the face can become thinner and less firm. Adding magnitude to the cheek or middle of the face below the eyes with implants can enhance facial curves and confer a younger appearance to the face.

Cheek augmentation is inserted to improve cheekbones or to make cheeks fuller. Cheek implants balance your facial features making you look appealing.

Cheek implants can also retain a more natural look to the face after reconstructive surgery for cancer or other illnesses or disturbing injury.

Protruding cheeks look pleasant but in some people, the cheekbone is blurred which gives a flattened appearance to the face. Cheek augmentation is executed to highlight the cheekbone. Due to injuries to the face and congenital differences, the flattened face can be seen in some ethnic groups. It is also seen in many normal people.


Types of Cheek Implants

Implants are the augmentation procedure performed for surgical cheek enhancement. The are several types of implants according to your specific anatomy. The main type of implant is Medpor(porous polyethylene) which is stable and has predictable results. Silicone, gortex, and hydroxyapatite(coral) are the other type of implants.

Things to know about 

Surgery Performed Under General Anesthesia

The surgery performed under general anesthesia will keep you asleep for the entire procedure. The surgery is an outpatient procedure but in some complications, you may need to stay overnight.

How Surgery Is Performed

The surgery is generally performed through an incision in the mouth, placed above the gum line. To insert the implant a pocket is created above the bony surface of the cheek. To achieve the stability of the implant a screw is positioned and stabilized. The screw is left permanently. The amount of augmentation and the size of the implant is decided beforehand. This will provide natural stability and firmness to your face.

The Duration of Surgery

The surgery takes one hour but may take longer also depending on the specific combination of procedures planned. In cheek augmentation surgery you will be able to return home several hours after your procedure. It is usually an outpatient procedure.

Risks Associated With The Surgery

The scars developed due to incision are permanent. During the healing process after surgery, the skin will become hypersensitive for some time. Bleeding may occur after the cheek implant. It is usually common in men and occurs between 1 to 2 % of patients. Occasionally a minor malfunction may continue after surgery. Some post-operative asymmetry may result. Swelling may also persist. Injury of the nerve occurs in rare cases. When it occurs it results in partial loss of feeling to that side of the face. Numbness may occur due to nerve injury. Infection is not very common. Antibiotics will be administered after surgery.

Preparation before the Surgery

Before the surgery, you may go for lab testing or medical check-up. Before the surgery, you have to stop or adjust certain medications. Certain medications like aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications, and herbal supplements must be avoided before the surgery.

Tobacco products damage your body’s ability to heal. You will be recommended to stop smoking for 6 weeks before any surgery. Tobacco containing products such as chewing gum and Nicoderm must be stopped as well.

Please make arrangements for a responsible adult to drop you home after surgery. You will need someone to live with you for the day after the surgery.

cheek augmentation- before after case by Dr Bhargava

Recovery from Surgery

There is slight irritation associated with cheek augmentation. There will be swelling under the cheek and eyes. This occurs within 72 years after the surgery and then starts to recede. Crushed ice should be applied to the swelling area. The swelling will disappear in two weeks. You must not sleep on your face for at least 6-8 weeks after your surgery. To control your post-operative pain oral pain medication is used.

The cuts in the mouth are closed with stitches that dissolve. Be careful while brushing the upper teeth. Brush vertically and do not disturb the fresh gum line incision. Your diet should be juices, milk, shakes, and broths for the first 24 hours. Later on, you may start a soft diet. You should avoid eating foods that are hard or sharp for 6-8 weeks after surgery.

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