What is 
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Temporomandibular disorders are the problems with your jaw and the muscles in your face that controls it. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons will help you treat it safely and successfully.

Doctors states that symptoms develop from the jaw muscles problems or with the parts of the joint itself that leads to the TMJ disorder. Conditions like an injury to your jaw, the joint or the muscles of your head and neck can result in temporomandibular disorders. Other factors are:

  • Stress may cause you to tighten facial and jaw muscles or clench the teeth.
  • Clenching or grinding teeth puts a lot of pressure on the joint.
Symptoms of  

TMJ disorders result in chronic pain and discomfort. It may be temporary or last for several years. It might affect single or both sides of your face. Women are more prone to it. It occurs between the ages of 20-40. Best oral surgeons in Indore like Dr. Anurag Bhargava will identify the symptoms and suggest treatment.

Image showing TMJ and ear canal

The common symptoms of TMJ disorder are:

  • Difficulty in opening mouth wide.
  • Ache in your face, jaw joint area, neck and shoulders, an ear when you chew, speak or open your mouth.
  • In the open or closed-mouth position, jaws get stuck.
  • When you open or close your mouth or chew, clicking sounds in the jaw joint.
  • Tiredness in the face.
  • Problem with chewing.
  • Swelling on face.
  • You may also experience toothaches, headaches, neck aches, dizziness, earaches, shoulder pain, and tinnitus (ringing or buzzing in the ears).
Tmj disorder- treat it with best oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Indore.
TMJ Disorder
  is Diagnosed?

To perform a diagnosis, the doctor will check your jaw joints for pain or tenderness and listen for clicks when you move them. He will also see that the jaw works properly and doesn’t lock when you open or close your mouth. He will also check for problems with your facial muscles.

The doctor may take full X-Ray to evaluate your jaw and teeth. Other tests are also conducted like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computer tomography. The MRI can show if the TMJ is in the correct position. A CT scan reveals the bony detail of the joint.

You should consult an oral and maxillofacial surgeon like Dr. Anurag Bhargava for proper care and treatment.

  • Take medications – Certain home remedies can help you calm the pain. Drugs like naproxen or ibuprofen can relieve muscle pain and swelling.
  • Eat soft food – Include yoghurt, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese, soup, scrambled eggs, fish, cooked fruits and vegetables, beans and grains in your diet. To avoid chewing, cut food into small pieces. It is better to chew foods like caramels and taffy.
  • Apply ice packs – Apply ice packs to the side of your face for around 10 minutes. Do some jaw stretches.
  • Maintain good posture – Do not place the phone between your shoulder and ear. A correct posture will help you reduce neck and facial pain.
  • Do not open your mouth wide – Restrict extreme jaw movements. Keep chewing gum or ice.
  • Practice Stress Reduction Therapy – To loosen up your jaw, learn stress relaxation techniques.
TMJ is the pain in jaw structure
Treatments for 
Temporomandibular Joint
  • Medications – For pain and swelling, the doctor may prescribe some medications. He may suggest a muscle relaxer or anti-anxiety and antidepressants that controls pain.
  • Use plastic mouthpieces – A splint or guard can fit over your upper and lower teeth. They reduce the effects of clenching or grinding and put teeth in a better position.
  • Replace Missing teeth – A dentist may use crowns and bridges to correct a biting problem.

If the treatments discussed above do not work, the doctor may suggest one or more of the following:

  • Ultrasound – Ultrasound technique can help to calm soreness or improve mobility.
  • Radio wave therapy –  This therapy helps to promote blood flow and ease the pain.
  • Trigger point injections – These injections provide relief to tender facial muscles.
  • Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) – This therapy relieves the pain by relaxing your jaw joint and facial muscles.
  • Low-level laser therapy – This therapy reduces pain and inflammation and helps to free your neck movement and open your mouth wide.
  • Surgery – TMJ Surgery is the last resort when other treatments don’t work.
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