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Jaw Fractures

Traumatic facial injuries like jaw fracture have been noticed majorly in India. Road traffic accident, Interpersonal violence, falls, and sport related injuries make up the majority of etiology for these injuries. Since the advent of seat belts and air bags, there has been a significant decline in severe facial trauma as was seen in the ’80s and 90s. However, unfortunately these injuries still occur in considerably large number. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons on a regular basis deal with isolated facial fractures or poly trauma patients having facial injuries with fracture of any of the facial bones – mandible, maxilla, zygoma, orbit, nose and frontal bone.te

Treatment of  
Jaw Fractures

For the most part jaw fracture can be managed acutely by open reduction and fixation, perhaps with the exception of nasal fractures where it can be helpful to wait for resolution of swelling since many of these are treated by closed reduction.

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Even the fractured zygomatico-maxillary complex can be managed and often treated from an intraoral approach, anatomically reduced and fixated in the presence of gross facial edema. The days of the ‘Gillies’ lift technique are being replaced by the intra oral buttress or other approaches with rigid fixation. These facial fractures are often thought of as easy fixes for OMF surgeons as it is simply a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle back together; there is no occlusion to deal with!
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Traumatic Injuries

Facial fractures are unique in a way since these bones are related to the occlusion as well. If the bones are not aligned and fixed properly, they generally produce a deranged bite or something we call as malocclusion. Hence, for OMF surgeons, it is considered that the occlusion is the key to reduction! Jaw fracture represent a bigger challenge to achieve anatomic reduction such that the occlusion is normalized after the repair. This is especially so when rigid fixation (plates and screws) is utilized without a requirement for maxillo-mandibular fixation. Most patients, when offered the choice, would rather be ‘plated’ than ‘wired’ to fix their fractured jaw. On a regular basis, we have seen patients referred to us with a fractured mandible or maxilla from their general dentist after that individual attended an emergency room and was sent home undiagnosed! After all, some jaw fractures have slight or no displacement and the individual may look uninjured, however the complaint of a subtle malocclusion leads their dentist to suspect a fracture.

Jaw fractures and its treatment plan
Untreated Fracture cause 
Facial Deformity

In addition, an untreated jaw fracture can also cause lifelong facial deformity which becomes very difficult to treat at a later date. Also some of the functions of eye are impaired lifelong if the fractures of the eye socket or the orbit is not managed appropriately. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in India like Dr. Anurag Bhargava ensure no fracture goes undiagnosed and no patient goes back untreated. We employ the use of the latest diagnostic modalities viz. CBCT, CT scan, Panorex scan to ensure that all the fractures are detected and an appropriate treatment plan is formulated. We also use the state of the art 3D printing technology for reconstruction of secondary traumatic defects which are not amenable to conventional treatment options. We find these cases to be quite interesting and challenging. The services offered by oral surgeons in India like Dr. Anurag Bhargava are quite appreciated by the medical personnel and patients.

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