Dimple Creation(Dimpleplasty) is used to create dimples on the cheeks. Dimples are depression that happens when some people smile. They are mostly situated on the base of the cheeks. Chin dimples are common among many people. Not all are born with this facial attribute. Such dimples are considered a sign of beauty. On account of its charm dimple surgeries have increased significantly.
Dimples are small depressions on the skin that enhances the look of the face. Dimples are the sign of beauty on the face and are important means for expressing thoughts and emotions. There are two types of dimples shallow and deep. The deep dimples give a more adorable look to the face. Dimples make the smile more prominent which increases facial beauty.
Things to Know about 
It is found that dimples are hereditary. Dimples may be temporary or permanent. They are more prominent in the children’s age group. Dimple creation is known as the cleft chin and is a permanent facial feature. Dimples occur because of genetic disposition and can also be acquired through surgical procedures. People opt for dimple surgery for a more beautiful smile, as dimples are linked with youth and attractiveness.
Cheek dimples take place due to facial muscle named Zygomaticus Major being smaller than the normal size. Dimple creation is a plastic surgery that leads to the creation of dimples on the cheeks or chin. It is quick cosmetic surgery involving low risk. It is nowadays the safest, reliable cosmetic surgery with little complications.
Dimple creation- before after of a case by Dr Bhargava

Dimple Surgery

To perform the surgery the doctor would use the local anesthesia and a biopsy instrument to create a whole in the skin to manually make a dimple. Once the doctor makes room for the future dimple, then he positions a stitch from one side of the cheek muscle to the other. The stitch is then tied to put the dimple permanently in order.
Dimple surgery is performed using local anesthesia and it takes around 30 to 45 minutes to perform. For the dimple surgery, a small incision is made through the mucous membrane inside the mouth. Then the skin and muscle on the spot of the incision are scratched off. An absorbable suture then stitches the two different areas of the skin and muscle around the cut. When the two areas stick, an artificial dimple is created. After healing they both stick permanently. The dimple remains permanently on the cheek and it takes a week or two for the affected part to heal. The scarring is complete once they heal up. Then the muscles and skin stick with each other causing dimples. For the initial few days of the surgery you may experience discomfort, the muscles heal quickly and there are little chances of infection.

Time For Surgery

There are no medical prerequisites for the surgery, you can go for the surgery at any time of your choosing. The surgery is simple and you do not need any post-surgery hospital treatment apart from prescribed medications.

Who should abstain from the surgery?

People who have bleeding disorders and other diseases like diabetes mellitus or anemia etc should avoid the surgery otherwise almost everybody is eligible for the surgery.

Side Effects Related to the Surgery

  • Pain And Swelling
  • Infection
  • Formation Of Pus
  • However, the chances of the side effects are extremely low because of the minimal amount of incision needed. The complications can be prevented by using oral hygiene post-treatment.

    Post-treatment Precautions

    To prevent infection you should use antiseptic mouthwash every day as recommended by the doctor along with prescribed medicines. You should restrain from activities such as making animated facial expressions or activities. This will weaken your cheek muscle and lead to considerable recovery time. It is important to follow the doctor’s advice.

    Recovery Time

    People by their own choice to go for this surgery rather than by any medical complication.

    Cost Of the Treatment

    Dimple surgery is between the range of Rs. 20,000 to 80,000.

    Results Of treatment

    The dimple surgery is partially reversible and is usually achieved by freeing the skin from the muscle by injecting dermal fillers.

    Alternative to the treatment

    This is an optional treatment that people go for by their choice rather than by any medical risk. However, there is no alternative for it if you want dimple on your face.
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