Chin surgery(Genioplasty) is often called chin repositioning. Chin surgery rectifies receding chin, asymmetrical chin or double chin. If you are worried about the position, shape or contour of your chin, chin surgery may be the right option for you.
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The best candidates for chin surgery are those who are in good health, not affected by many serious diseases or some medical condition.
Genioplasty is useful for patients with a small chin. A chin that looks very small in proportion to other facial features can make the nose look very long. Plastic surgeons usually perform chin implants to balance the look of the younger patient or may use chin surgery in coexistence with another cosmetic procedure in a more mature patient.
Chin Surgery (Genioplasty) is done on the chin. Chin surgery is performed by both plastic surgeon and maxillofacial surgeon.
There are several ways to perform this procedure

  • Moving the chin onwards
  • Moving the chin reverse
  • Side to side for asymmetrical chins
  • Upright changes like making the chin long or short
outward chin correction surgery by Dr Bhargava

Types of Genioplasty

There are two main types of genioplasty

  • Sliding Genioplasty
  • Chin Implants

Sliding Genioplasty

In this type of surgery, a surgeon uses a saw to cut the bone of the chin away from the rest of the jaw and move it to rectify a chin imperfection. This is also known as an osseous. This type of surgery is suggested for people with severe retrogenia. This type of surgery is used in rectifying chins that are thrust too far forward and very long or people whose chin is a good away relative to the rest of the face.

Sliding genioplasty Surgery explained

The surgery is performed by general anesthesia. The surgery can be executed in a hospital or an office operating room.
In the procedure, the soft tissue is separated from the chin bone by cutting the gum of the lower lips below the bottom teeth. The surgeon performs with a saw to cut a small erect line in the chin for reference. This makes sure that the bone stays straight when it is moved. The doctor then makes a straight cut beside the chin bone. If you want your chin to be smaller, the doctor will cut a wedge of bone and slide the bone forward or backward, attach fasteners and a metal plate to make sure it stays in place.
The bone is reattached with a gap between the rest of the jaw and chin when you want to make the chin longer. The gap will be filled when the bone is grown back. The chin is reattached with the rest of the jaw and the edge of the bone is removed to make the chin shorter. The surgeon creates a step in the bone if you are having your chin move forward. Because of the lack of facial hair steps are much more visible in women than men.
Then the cut is stitched closed. To protect the area during healing, the doctor puts compression tape on the outside of your mouth.

Guidelines After Surgery

After the surgery, the doctor will suggest you take oral antibiotics to dissolve the stitches. You need not have to return to the hospital to get them removed. It is advisable to take liquid or soft-food diet after the surgery. After every meal, the mouth should be rinsed with an antiseptic or oral rinse. It is possible to return to the daily routine after five days when the wound dressing and compression tape are removed. It is not recommended to participate in sports or exercise 10 days following surgery. It is common to experience swelling, redness and bruising after surgery which will go away in a few days. If you undergo the following symptoms you should contact your doctor immediately.
  •  100.4◦ F degrees or higher.
  • Redness, bruising or swelling which lasts for more than a week
  • Strong smelling odor coming from the cut
  • Continuous bleeding
  • Green or yellow discharge
  • Chin Implants

    Chin implants are achieved through surgery or injections. They are performed to reshape, enlarge or push forward the look of the chin.
    Chin augmentation involves implanting a plastic material into the chin and sticking it to the bone. The common most implant is alloplastic implants. Non Surgical chin augmentation includes the use of needles to inject fillers like body fat to magnify the appearance of the chin. Chin implants can be performed via surgery or injection to reshape, enlarge or push forward the appearance of the chin. In chin surgery, alloplastic implants are not very common.
    Though there are several different types of chin implants such as silicone, Teflon. Medipore is growing in popularity because it has pores in plastic, which makes the tissue stick to the implant rather than around it. Implants are stuck to the bone with screws. The surgeon stitches the cuts when once the material is implanted. The surgery will take 30 minutes to 3 hours. You may go for dermal fillers or liposuction as a nonsurgical implant.

    Guidelines After Surgery

    Fillers have minimum recovery time. The recovery time for surgical implants is similar to sliding genioplasty as the tissue must have time to cling to the implant. As such in the mouth, the sutures are absorbable and need not be removed. It is advisable to eat a soft-food or liquid diet as you feel comfortable. Rinse the mouth with water or antiseptic rinse.
    The doctor will discuss your objectives with you and explain what can be accomplished. However, the treatment plan is customized as per the patient’s needs and requirements. Our doctor will examine your facial dimensions and natural face shape. The placement, as well as the size of the chin implants, will be determined then.

    Complications of Surgery

    The complications may include infection, allergic reaction to an implant, extrusion of the implant, exposure of screws and nerve damage.
    Genioplasty is a straightforward surgery and most people who undergo the procedure are happy with the results and experience a high degree of self-esteem. Chin implants are very strong medical implants and meant to be permanent. While the aging process may change your facial appearance, your improved chin contour will not change. There can be a risk that trauma to the face could destroy a chin implant and need another surgery to replace it.
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    Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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