What are 
Wisdom tooth

Impacted third molar or, the commonly known as wisdom tooth, removal is one of the most routinely performed minor surgical procedure by a Maxillofacial Surgeon. These wisdom tooth are considered vestigial or useless since it does not contribute to chewing efficiency in majority of the population. In some people these teeth are completely missing or remain entirely submerged inside the bone. Hence, most of the times it remains harmless.

Problems associated with 
Wisdom Teeth
But the problem begins when these wisdom teeth try to erupt and struggle to find space in the jaws to erupt completely. This sets in a chain of problems which starts to affect an otherwise healthy dentition. One of the most common presenting problem with an erupting wisdom teeth is the infection of the overlying gums. Because of its location, it is generally difficult to maintain hygiene in that area which leads to food accumulation, inflammation and infection. It can also cause decay in the adjacent normal molar teeth which is considered one of the most important teeth for chewing food. It can manifest as simple bad breath to severe pain and swelling. If left untreated in its initial stages, the infection can proceed downwards to involve neck and cause life threatening complications!
example of real case of wisdom tooth
Management of impacted 
Wisdom Teeth
Eruption time for these wisdom teeth is considered 18-24 years of age, but again this can vary with different individuals. Due to lack of space, sometimes these teeth press against the normal erupted teeth and cause their ‘migration’ which later manifests as crowding in the front teeth.
impacted wisdom tooth- wisdom tooth removal
Other less commonly encountered but extremely debilitating complication with these submerged wisdom teeth is their tendency to form cysts or in some rare cases, a tumour. Since these cysts or tumours remain hidden inside the bone, they become noticeable only in advanced stages when they start causing swelling of jaw, pain, mobility of adjacent teeth or in some cases fracture of the jaw.
Complications associated with 
wisdom teeth
In spite of such grievous complications associated with these wisdom teeth, the treatment of such impacted wisdom teeth in its early stages is fairly simple – surgical extraction. It is a routinely carried out procedure under local anaesthesia. Treatment is carried out on a dental chair and the patient is discharged on the same day. In many Western countries, due to its feared complications, it is routinely advised to extract these wisdom teeth as a prophylactic measure. We advise our patients to keep a watch for any of the above mentioned symptoms and to routinely visit their dentist so that any of the problems associated with wisdom teeth can be detected in its early stage and treatment carried out in time to prevent any complications.

Quite contrary to the name, there is no wisdom in keeping the wisdom tooth if it’s causing you any trouble!

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