What are 
Wisdom Teeth

The four third molars found in the permanent adult teeth are known as wisdom teeth. These teeth are the last in the dental bridge. Wisdom teeth are found in most of the people but they may never develop in any of the third molars. There can be more than four wisdom teeth in a person. In many people, wisdom teeth are not seen because they are not usually erupted through the gums.

How to Detect a 
Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth can be found by examining your mouth and detecting three permanent molars in each dental division. The presence of the tooth needs to be revealed by a radiograph if the tooth is impacted under the tissue. To know the state of development of the tooth, an extensive radiograph is normally the preferred X-ray. Most wisdom teeth evolve between the ages of 16-23 through the gingiva. Sometimes, a person will feel the presence of the wisdom teeth before they can envision them in their mouth. Erupting wisdom teeth will normally produce throbbing in the jaws. Your dentist will intimidate the condition of the wisdom teeth. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Indore like Dr. Anurag Bhargava will help you identify your problem.

example of real case of wisdom tooth
Need of 
Wisdom Teeth Extraction
impacted wisdom tooth- wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth need not be extracted always. When a wisdom tooth emerges cleanly through the tissue without affecting the nearby tooth, the wisdom tooth can be kept in the mouth till a person can brush, floss and clean it properly. 

The wisdom teeth may cause pain but they need not be extracted always if few precautions are taken of the surrounding and oral hygiene habits. If there is a tiny overhang of swollen gum tissue scarcely covering the back of the tooth, a person may experience pain from biting down on that particular gum tissue. If in case there is room for the wisdom tooth, the gum tissue can be pulled out from the back of the tooth to rectify this problem. Gum tissues can be kept healthy and the risk of painful gingivitis around the wisdom teeth can be avoided by proper teeth brushing and increasing the frequency of flossing both in front and behind the wisdom tooth.

However, in many cases extraction of wisdom teeth is very necessary. The wisdom tooth may break out at an angle such that the near molar can become tough to keep clean and free of dental decay. The position of the wisdom tooth may cause gum disease or depression around the adjoining tooth and must be taken out before much harm is caused to the second molar. If there isn’t enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth and they are trying to emerge, they may cause reasonable pressure on the surrounding teeth and tissues. This may result in headache, jaw pain or toothache that is only solved by taking out the wisdom teeth. The pressure can indicate that the wisdom teeth are causing crowded teeth. If the third molar has emerged through the tissue but is without opposing contact with other teeth, removal should still be considered. Knowing the rear position of an erupted wisdom tooth, these teeth are usually difficult to clean. If the wisdom tooth is decayed it is normally suitable to extract them instead of taking out the decay and attaching wisdom teeth with fillings, root canals or crown. These treatments that are mentioned for other teeth are usually not very successful in treating wisdom teeth due to their backward position in the mouth.

Extraction of a wisdom tooth is identified if the tooth has partially emerged through the gingival tissue, leading to inflammation or infection. This condition is known as a partially erupted, or partially affected wisdom tooth. A soft tissue growth over semi erupted wisdom tooth is known as the operculum. If bacteria become confined under the operculum, an infection called pericoronitis may occur.

Wisdom Teeth 

Pericoronitis is one of the most common impressions for emergency removal of wisdom teeth. Symptoms are red, swollen gum tissue behind the last seen molar, foul taste/smell, pain with biting in the back teeth, and pus discharge from the area. Sometimes, the infection will lead to swelling of the gum tissue or another area around the side of the jaw. Swelling can lead to pressure on adjoining structures and can scatter to the ear causing acute earache. It may also cause ear infection or sinus infection causing pain that scatters to the teeth as well, so it is essential to get checked whenever there is a chance of infection. If the wisdom teeth cause pain and cannot be immediately extracted

If there is difficulty in swallowing or breathing and swelling, infection, fever, pain persists, stress must be given on getting the wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible. Antibiotics may be administered to help keep an infection from deteriorating. An antibacterial mouth rinse, warm salt water rinse, and OTC painkillers can be used as an immediate treatment for tooth pain till more permanent treatment can be obtained. Some dental centers may provide emergency evaluation or tooth extraction. Oral surgeons in Indore like Dr. Anurag Bhargava will give you the best treatment.

Wisdom Tooth  

Once it has been ascertained that a wisdom tooth is troublesome, extraction by a qualified dentist is normally suggested. Local anesthesia is given to make sure the tooth can be taken out without any major inconvenience. Many people will opt for sedation as they cannot undergo the pain of having the wisdom teeth extracted. A small surgery is then performed where the tissue and bone around the wisdom tooth are taken out so that the tooth can be cleanly extracted from the opening. Several incisions may be needed to close the surgical site and allow healing of the tissue. These incisions may be dissolvable after 3-5 days or incisions that need to be removed by the surgeon after a specific period.

Recovery Time for 
Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction recovery takes about three to five days. It is usual to have some bleeding from the site considering the surgery to be executed. The slight bleeding after extraction will stop after the first 24 hours. When the effect of anesthesia fades away, there can be jaw stiffness, problem opening the mouth and some pain. Painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed to deal with any postoperative symptoms and discomfort. The patient will be advised to eat soft foods for a few days and avoid spicy food, tobacco and alcohol and vigorous exercise three to four days after the surgery. After wisdom tooth extraction one should abstain from smoking because smoking delays the healing process. The best way to deal with pain after surgery is to take rest. It is important to follow the surgeons instructions after the surgery to avoid complications. The recovery time for wisdom tooth extraction is 3-4 weeks. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Indore like Dr. Anurag Bhargava will further advise you for your good health.

Food Intake 
After Extraction

In the initial days of extraction, it is not possible to eat but one should stay nourished and eat soft foods like yogurt, shakes, pureed foods, soups, etc. Once the healing starts, one can include regular food in the diet.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction 
Risks & Complications

The most common risk of wisdom tooth extraction is a dry socket. This condition occurs when the blood clot in the surgical site displays, showing exposed bone. This causes bone along the extraction socket to be swollen and painful. This further results in a dry socket after two and five days after extraction leading to bad smell and constant pain. This complication can be treated with a packing medication or invigoration of a new blood clot. Serious complications can sometimes cause injury to the adjoining inferior alveolar nerve for wisdom teeth on the top of the mouth, harm to the adjoining teeth, continued numbness or changed sensation of the tongue, lip or gum tissue or difficulty with the temporomandibular joint as an outcome of trauma to the area. The condition of the wisdom tooth may worsen with age. Therefore, early extraction is recommended to minimize complications. If the complications are adverse oral and maxillofacial surgeons like Dr. Anurag Bhargava will treat your disease.

Quite contrary to the name, there is no wisdom in keeping the wisdom tooth if it’s causing you any trouble!

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