Lip Surgery To Grace Your Looks.

Lip Surgery To Grace Your Looks.


Know Lip Augmentation or Lip Surgery well-

It is a cosmetic procedure designed to give patients better looks by improving their lip structure. Lip augmentation / Lip Surgery helps in getting plumper lips, fuller lips the way our patient desires. Lip Augmentation is nothing but the enlargements and reshaping of normal lips. Usually, lip augmentation is done keeping in mind your nose, teeth and other facial aspects. While modifying your lips our surgeon studies the spatial relation between the lip structure and the teeth. These improvised lips function same as your natural lips. 

Nowadays, lip augmentation is one of the common cosmetic procedures. Pluff and plumped lips are in trend, they help in drawing the attention increasingly. Those who think have thin lips which do not give them the confidence to flaunt their beauty must get benefit from lip enhancement. Lip augmentation has long been considered as an aesthetic ideal. Lip augmentation can increase lip volume and reduce the appearance of lipstick lines by filling age-related creasing along the lip border. Most women are good candidates for lip augmentation in case if they have thin lips or bulging lips or inappropriate in shape size etc.. 

In the current era, thin lips have become a major concern for some of the women. Our specialists understand your concern and make all the possible efforts to help you get out of your predicament. Indisputably, Dr Anurag Bhargava is one of the best plastic surgeons of Indore

What are the techniques of Lip Augmentation?

Understanding what will work best for a person’s face is among the first steps in considering lip augmentation. During our clinical evaluation, our surgeon will discuss the most effective approach to lip augmentation for each patient. It’s safe to have lip augmentation in conjunction with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as a face-lift or laser resurfacing.  The best way of Lip Augmentation is making the use of Dermal fillers, they are the most frequently used technique for lip augmentation today, and they are usually injected around the mouth and into the lips. Although there are other kinds of fillers, hyaluronic acids are by far the most popular types, producing the best and most predictable results. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the body.

What are the types of Lip Augmentation?

Let’s read and understand the different types of Lip Augmentation-

  • Direct lip-lift- Under this procedure, the skin at the upper part of the lip just above the red part of the lip, is removed with care. The red lip area is now broadly visible.  After this surgery, the distance between the upper red lip to nose decreases. This technique will result in more of the front teeth showing, which can be more aesthetically pleasing. Results are permanent, but there is swelling for one to two weeks, and full recovery takes several months.
  • Indirect lip-lift:  the results of this surgery are very similar to direct lip lift. Under this kind of augmentation, the incision at the base of the nose gets hidden to create less visible scars. Your lip pout will be enhanced, whereas red lip can be rolled out outward, giving it a more natural plumped look. Similar to direct lip-lift this technique will result in showcasing more of the front teeth. This technique is offered to patients who have thin upper lips, a long lip-to- nose distance with inadequate front teeth show, and a well-defined lip line. Results are permanent, but the recovery period takes a few months.
  • Lip corner lift: For patients whose lips droop at the corners, the lip corner lift can provide a solution. A small triangular excision of the skin around the corner of the upper lips can result in an aesthetically pleasing elevation of the lateral corners of the lip. The results will involve visible scars. In general, surgical results are permanent; however, surgery does not stop the ageing process, and ageing-related changes in the lips will occur over time.

Thus, if you read about the types of lip augmentation carefully, it might help you choose the best option. To enhance your facial features with better and safer results consult our surgeon for possible changes in lips. 

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