How safe is cosmetic/plastic surgery? Meet the cosmetic/plastic surgeon in Indore to know well.

How safe is cosmetic/plastic surgery? Meet the cosmetic/plastic surgeon in Indore to know well.

We all are aware that cosmetic surgery has almost become a lifestyle and craze. Celebrities are opting for enhanced looks. With the beauty industry flourishing, cosmetic surgery is in demand these days and more and more people are going for it to look attractive. However, cosmetic surgery cannot always be safe.

Many people seek the surgery when they see the results on someone else. But surgery is not for everyone. Though cosmetic surgery may seem quick and easy some risks should be considered before contacting a surgeon to perform surgery. The following are the risks associated with plastic surgery.

Risky Before 18 years

If you are below 18 going for plastic surgery may not be a good idea. At this age, your body is not prepared for the surgery. So, if you are thinking about rhinoplasty because you are unhappy with the way you look at the present, consult the cosmetic/ plastic surgeon like Dr Anurag Bhargava based in Indore, seek appropriate guidance and then you can take a preferred step. There are more risks of ending up with a result you are not satisfied with if you are under 18. So, consult the plastic surgeon near you when you are above 18.

Common risks to cosmetic surgery

You may react to the anaesthesia used, normally it doesn’t happen so but in rare cases even mild anaesthesia works strongly. As such it is rare, it can be life-threatening and even deadly. You could also have reactions to pain relievers and antibiotics, however advanced medications nowadays eliminates the severe effect of it. This can be regarded as a risk but the possibility of getting bed-ridden through antibiotics and medications is minimal. In some cases, plastic surgery can be difficult compared to the general surgical procedure. Many times the results may not be the same as expected by the patients. The results of the surgery may fail to contrive the appearance and this may even mar the look of the patients after the procedure. As a result, consulting a reputable plastic surgeon is very important. Dr Anurag Bhargava is a renowned plastic surgeon in Indore and the best person to consult with.

Risk of Scarring

In achieving the attractive outcome sometimes it may cause scarring as well. The risk of scarring can be minimized by avoiding smoking, eating nutritious food after surgery and following directions of the surgeons for recovery.  Oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Indore help you avoid scarring with certain guidelines.


In some cases of cosmetic surgery, patients may also get infected and the risk of developing infection increases. Certain measures can minimize or even prevent the risk of developing infection post-surgery such as hand washing and wound care measures. Skilled and specialist in the field ensure that infection does not occur.

Nerve Damage

During plastic surgery procedures in some cases, the nerves of the patients may get damaged or severed during the procedure. The damage may be more apparent in the case of the facial nerve. In acute cases, the nerve injury may result in an inability to make facial expressions or drooping of the eyes or the mouth of the patients.


It can develop after any surgical procedure and is characterized by the swollen and bruised appearance of the skin with a pocket of blood beneath the area when surgery was conducted. This is the condition when blood is collected outside the blood vessels. In usual cases, the blood collection is minor and may ease on its own. When Hematoma is large it may cause pain and reduce the circulation of blood through the area. In acute cases of Hematoma, the surgeons may plan to remove the collected blood from the pocket using a syringe or any other similar methods.

Death Of Skin Tissue

Death of Skin Tissue or necrosis can be minor and serious in some cases. It is the result of plastic surgery. The healing of the wound can remove the dead tissues from incisions areas.


Bleeding may or may not take place depending upon the area of the cut. If the bleeding is heavy and continues post-surgery then the condition must be consulted with the doctor. Intense bleeding after the surgery indicates that the patient has become too active soon after the surgical procedure leading to excessive bleeding.

Blood Clotting

Blood Clotting is the most common type of risk in Plastic surgery. Deep vein thrombosis is the clot that develops in legs. It can be life-threatening when the clot moves from vein to the lungs and heart. Immediate medical treatment is required if it spreads to other parts of the body.


Seroma is characterized by a collection of lymphatic fluid around the area of incision or injury. It is a condition similar to Hematoma. The clear fluid creates pockets full of fluid near the site of the incision. If the size of the pocket is larger, then the surgeon may go for a procedure to reduce the pocket size. The pocket-size can be reduced by removing the fluid from the pocket and reducing its size.

Anesthesia May Be A Threat

Many patients can withstand anaesthesia easily. But in some cases, anaesthesia may lead to the some serious outcomes like the death of the patient, however this probability death through anaesthesia is not assured. Research says patients nowadays are more prone to withstand the effect of anaesthesia and successfully minimize it. Hence, death through anaesthesia is a rare possibility.


The risk of death with plastic surgery is very low but every procedure of plastic surgery needs to be taken seriously because a small surgery can cause death to any patient.

Hence, plastic surgery is a wise choice for a better transformation yet it involves certain risk factors. The patients can reduce the risks and complications involved in the procedure. The best way to reduce the risks is to opt for a trained and specialized plastic surgeon who can perform the procedure correctly. With  Dr.Anurag Bhargava plastic surgeon in Indore, the risks can be minimized. Moreover, with few lifestyle changes, you can reduce the risk in the procedure. So, refer your doctor to know the pre and post measures of the surgery. If you prefer getting plastic surgery in Indore then, without any delay fix your appointment with the best plastic surgeon in Indore.

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