Cost of Orthognathic Surgery in India - The Exact Details by Jaw Surgeon

Cost of Orthognathic Surgery in India - The Exact Details by Jaw Surgeon

Orthognathic surgery is a corrective jaw surgery that helps to straighten or realign your jaw and treat related skeletal issues that a patient may require. The cost of orthognathic surgery involves hospital fees, surgeon fees, anaesthesia fees, orthodontics charges, and pain-relieving medications. The total charges and expenses depend on various factors related to the patient.

What is Orthognathic Surgery?

It is a surgery involving straightening and realignment of the jaws with the help of surgical plates, wires and screws. It is performed by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

The orthognathic surgery corrects a severe malocclusion, that is, improper bite that may be leading to functional issues in regular behaviour like speech, chewing food, or sleep apnea too. You may suffer from joint pain, headaches, or slight periodontal (gum) discomfort.

There are certain conditions that arise the need for orthognathic surgery:

  • Chronic jaw or TMJ pain
  • Birth defects
  • Injury or trauma to face or jaw
  • Involuntary mouth breathing
  • Protruding jaw
  • Open bite

How Orthodontics Impact Price?

The children may have particular birth conditions or orthodontics issues that ultimately require jaw surgery. The optimum age for the surgery is around 13 to 15 for girls and 16 to 18 for boys. The early detection and treatment of a child’s orthodontic issues can generally prevent the need for orthognathic surgery.

Generally, the patient wears braces for 9 to 18 months before the surgery. The orthodontist finishes teeth alignment and then removes the braces after your jaw properly recovers from the surgery.

Cost of Orthognathic Surgery

It requires time, expenses and efforts for attaining perfection in anything. But, for our face and bodies, the effort is not enough for achieving the desired results.

Orthognathic surgery is one such corrective treatment that can modify your jaws and give you the desired cheekbones.

Any cosmetic treatment involves a significant cost. After making the mind to go for orthognathic surgery, you would certainly want to know how much does the jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) cost?

The costs and expenses linked with the surgery differ from patient to patient and depends on the level of reconstruction. In India, you can avail the jaw surgery at 70k to 3 lacs which is very less when compared with costs in countries like the USA, UK and Singapore without any kind of compromise on the quality of care.

This was all in the article describing the cost of orthognathic surgery. We tried to cover all the aspects involved in the surgery still if you have any queries or feedback related to the orthognathic surgery cost or regarding any of our services, do let us know in the comment section below.

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